Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2015 World Cup Coaches Fashion Rundown!

My dear friend Reader Jen has called for the coaches fashion rundown for the World Cup this year like we did last year and she's absolutely right! We have got to do it again! Reader Jen has cast her vote for #1 Babe Coach of the World Cup and I 100% agree with Reader Jen. Who will it be?

Sidebar: I refuse to say Women's World Cup because we do not say Men's World Cup and therefore I find it bullshit to only identify one with gender. End sidebar.

You may remember that the 2014 World Cup Coaches Fashion Rundown was all men. Even though there are male coaches in the 2015 World Cup, we are going to IGNORE THEM and focus on the coaches who happen to be women. Not because the fashion is better, but because fair is fair... or perhaps I should say tit for tat? Let's get going. 

Swiss Ms. has a very tailored style, though it is a bit buttoned up for my tastes. For me, the visible undershirt takes this look down a notch. I will say I appreciate the watch matching the belt buckle, but contrasting with necklace and earrings. A very cool way to mix your metals.

So there's basically two approaches: besuited (like Swiss Ms.) or sporty. Ecuador's coach goes with the sporty approach but her clothes fit her properly, her shoes are really cool, and the watch adds a dash of color and fun. I am not a fan of the headband and ponytail look for those over the age of 25, but no one wants their whispies flying in their face when they are trying to win the World Cup. I'll give it a pass this time.

Another sporty look, but the fit is a bit off this time.  Why is it that none of the American coaches seem to bother putting any effort into their self presentation? It's embarrassing to me as an American.

Cote D'Ivoire!
The Ivory Coast coach favors a patterned, collared shirt untucked with jacket. I am just not sure how I feel about the untucked dress shirt with a more suit-y look, but I am definitely sure I love this jacket. It fits really well in the arms and hits right at that mid-thigh sweet spot. 

Sweden's coach is basically praying that all of her backup players get hurt so she can sub in. 

Extremely stylish. We have a graphic tee under a well-tailored jacket with slim-cut trousers and oxfords worn without socks. The jewelry ages her a bit*, but this is a very chic sideline look. Well done Germany.

*I feel like wearing earrings AND a necklace AND a bracelet AND a watch is a generational thing and could be the reason Coco Chanel urged women to take one thing off before leaving the house.

Costa Rica!
#1 Babe of the World Cup Coaches. Costa Rica is like a casual and less annoying version of Demi Moore, no? She loves her flats ( as do I ), she likes to have a little variety of color - not just black and white, no orthopedic-looking shoes. She's serious but she's cool - just like you and me. 

Last but certainly not least, we have to take a moment for the Thailand coach because she makes the greatest faces of all the coaches.
Awww, it's okay, Coach. You'll get it next time.
Orrrr maybe not???

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