Thursday, October 1, 2015

Emmys 2015 Red Carpet Rundown: The WTF!

In case you are reading this from the future, I have spent pretty much all day doing the Emmy rundowns. Usually I space out these posts and just do one per day but I decided that since I am off today, I would just bang them out. Here we go with our last but not least bit of Emmy fashion...


Kerry Washington!
Tell me the truth: this was a Project Runway challenge to make a dress out of aluminum foil, wasn't it? I have come to the conclusion that Kerry and I have vastly different fashion tastes.

Julie Klausner!
Please tell me she's trolling us. (Leprechauning us?)

Maisie Williams!
It's one thing to repurpose an old robe into a dress, but the high heel version of fluffy bunny slippers is just Too Shay. Waaaaaaaaaaay too shay.

Christine Marzano (seen here with Stephen Merchant)!
This is not a dress, it's erotic stained glass.

Naomi Grossman!
Jeez, one wrong move in this thing and you're in Hoohah Nipple City.

Jill Soloway!
You know, scrolling down, it just seems like Too Much. That is, until you get to the shoes. Then it becomes hilarious. Jill, look at your life, look at your choices.

Julianne Hough!
"What are you thinking for your Emmys dress, Julianne?"
"Well I've been listening to 'Spiderwebs' a lot lately so... something like that."
"Like, the No Doubt song?"
".................Let me see what I can do."

Nazanin Boniadi!
And this is where my third arm used to be! Now I can use it as a nipple cape. Win-win.

Kiernan Shipka!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WUT!? You guys. I didn't see this on tv, just on the internet, so when I was scrolling through pictures I saw it top down and just started laughing. On top it's ballet costume, on bottom it's business drinks. This is most definitely a PATTON.

Alan Cumming!
I love him and I love this. I love the vest with the tie and the chain and the pocket square, and I love the balloon pants and Crocs and random umbrella. Only Alan Cumming would wear this. Bless.

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