Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Golden Gobes: The Good!

That was QUITE a Golden Globes, was it not? Thanks to camera angle and slit length, we almost did a visual gynecological exam on Jen Aniston, thanks to extreme closeups we know a lot about all the winners' jawlines, and thanks to the winners we got a lot of excellent speeches. We also kicked the awards season off with a fashion bang. There was much to see and I'm sure many opinions in direct opposition to my own. I'll warn you now: I was merely whelmed by much of what I saw last night so the Meh is BIG. That's tomorrow's problem, though. Today we revel in beauty and glamour.


Quvenzhané Wallis!
Here at Way Too Shay we do not critique children. All we say is what is true: she is absolutely adorable and that is a fantastic outfit. Sorry Ricky Gervais said your name wrong, kiddo. He's just jealous that you've been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar before age 12.

Helen Mirren!
Fabulous. It fits perfectly, it's exactly the right length, it's SUPER COOL, and it's a spectacular color on her. She got it just right.

Anna Kendrick!
Pretty and girly. I could have done without the middle part, but this dress really does look like a dream.

Felicity Jones!
I am all about the construction on this dress. I am most impressed that for a fairly modest dress it doesn't come off as stuffy or prudish. Also - this is the most animated background of any GG picture ever. Look at Wes Anderson back there, looking just like Beck as usual.

Amal Clooney!
Okay, I do agree with Reader Susan that the gloves seem inappropriately large, but other than that this is straight glamour and drama. Dramour.
[Sidebar: Is anyone else surprised that she took his name? I checked the interwebz like 20 times to make sure she's really going by Clooney now. End sidebar.]

Christine Baranski!
No one in the world is having as much fun as Christine Baranski. Nor should they be! This dress is perfect, the fit is flawless, the accessories are great, hair is exactly what her hair does. Beautifully done, CB!

Naomi Watts!
Some blondes can do this banana color. Naomi Watts is such a blonde, and good for her for knowing that! I'd like to hike that dress up half an inch, but other than that it's simply gorgeous. I am living for this necklace.

She looks fabulous. This dress fits gorgeously and I love the beadwork, especially how it accentuates her figure. I am so loving that cocktail ring.

Reese Witherspoon!
Simple, gorgeous, this is what a movie star wears. However...say it with me: Could Use A Necklace.

Jessica Chastain!
We've spoken before about the use of cleavage in lieu of or in addition to a necklace, yes? Jessica is illustrating that point perfectly. I think this is a personal best for her. She looks stunning and relaxed. I guess she's getting the hang of being at these things!

Viola Davis!
This is what I've been wanting from Viola Davis. She looks stunning. I love this dress, I love that cuff, I love everything happening on her head, I love that she looks like a giant with that tiny little woman in the background!

Diane Kruger!
It's a skosh tight in the ribcage, but let's not quibble. Girlfriend owns every red carpet she walks.

Kate Beckinsale!
The skirt proved to be slightly more sheer than expected, but no doubt about it this was one of the more fabulous looks of the night. And this is where styling comes in: this dress, encrusted with sparkle up top and all sorts of bedroom curtains on the bottom in a shade I would call taupe, can turn from Golden Globes to Golden Girls fast. But Kate has youthful makeup, an edgy bag, bigger hair that is not attempting to cover her neck or forehead, and dark nails - all of which keep this on the younger end of the spectrum. If her hair had been down and to the side, big dark eyes, red or silver nails, and a black or silver baguette clutch I definitely would be rolling my eyes and saying that she's trying too hard. But no, this is just wonderful.

Ruth Wilson!
I am fully aware that some of my dear readers find this dress to a hideous Ric Rac concoction but you guys can go suck a lemon. I love it. I love the colors, I love how geometric it is, I think it's cool and eye-catching. I am not sure why we are putting a big slash across her crotch, though.

Tina Fey!
I wish I could find a better photo but I am living for Tina Fey's lady tux. It was everything.

Allison Tolman!
I love this silhouette on her so much. I promise I won't ding you if you just keep showing up in riffs on this look, Allison! I'm also going to actively look for something in this silhouette for my next fancy shindig since Allison and I appear to share a body type.

Ava DuVernay!
Ava was my favorite of the night. This dress is amazing, the color is stunning, hair is fantastic, love the earrings, love the cape, love the fit. I gasped when I saw her. And that's what I love most about awards season - the real showstoppers.

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  1. Reaction to your sidebar: I am also surprised that she took his last name. I thought that she would have wanted to keep hers because she's built up such a profile for herself professionally before he came along. That's what I keep telling myself if I ever walk down the aisle again. Then again...she married George Clooney. No one will forget her anyway. I don't think I'll be marrying a Clooney. haha

    The only quibble I have with Naomi's dress is the torso area. The top is not doing her any favors there. The color rocks though!

    ~Jenny T. (who is SO EXCITED for your awards season posts!)