Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Which We Come to the End of 2013

My dear readers, I hope you've had a great year and are poised for a fantastic 2014. Obviously the beginning of the year holds the majority of our major awards shows, and therefore much red carpet judgment activities, so we've got that to look forward to at the very least!

I have to tell you something. I really hate New Year's Eve. I didn't always hate it; I used to look forward to the fun and the attitude of celebration that fills the air. Now, though, I just feel pressured to do something amazing or have an amazing party or run around and have the most fun ever. Meanwhile, I mostly feel like this:

So here's the real thing about New Year's Eve: I usually end up getting a panic attack around 11:30 PM when I start to think about all of the things I did not accomplish this year. And it's not like the things that pop into my brain are even rational. Last year I had a little cry on NYE because I didn't master smoky eye makeup in 2012. Seriously. I understand how ridiculous this is, and I intend to not let it happen again.

Some friends advised that I make a list of everything I did accomplish this year so that I don't end up in a bathroom at 11:45 PM like:

So I started writing. And I went through WTS and I went through some emails, and I went through my facebook and then I kept writing and then I looked at my list and I was like:

Y'all, I had a busy year. Which is GREAT! But also, I looked at the list again and just felt so tired. I took a break from looking at the list and took a break from checking my email and took a break from thinking about potential lovers and took a break from feeling bad about stupid stuff and started thinking about how I want my list to look next year. I want to be able to list that I wrote the book I'm planning to write


I want to be able to list that taking my show to Montreal Fringe was the greatest experience ever

Most of all, though, I want to be able to list that my family is happy and healthy and my friends feel supported. That would be the best thing for 2014.

So, happy new year's eve, Way Too Shay readers. I hope you see a lot of completely ridiculous outfits that make you laugh tonight. May the leather dress you see not be on your body. For now, though, I must go because I just found out my office is closing at 3 and I have plans to make.

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