Monday, December 16, 2013

Year End Fashion Round-Up: The Good!

Here we are, approaching the end of another year of Good, Meh, Bad, and WTF. I'm very happy we instituted the WTF this year because BOY HOWDY did we need it. In going over the Way Too Shay fashion coverage from this year I was saddened to find how few looks really struck me as fantastic this year. Maybe next year we'll finally finally finally be done with that terrible short-dress-long-mesh trend. Fingers crossed.


Lucy Liu at the Golden Globes!
You guys, remember when Lucy Liu wore this dress that sort of looks like wallpaper from 1778 but it totally worked on her was probably my favorite dress of the entire year? Yeah, I remember that also.

Dakota Fanning at the Met Ball!
Remember when Dakota fanning grew up and wore the most amazing dress? Me too.

Christina Hendricks at the Emmys!
Remember when Christina Hendricks figured it out and looked awesome? Me too.

Martha Plimpton at the Tonys!
Remember when Martha Plimpton wore the perfect dress? Me too!

Daniel Day Lewis and Rebecca Miller at the Oscars!
Oh my god, and then DDL wore a navy tux and Rebecca Miller wore that really cool dress with a great necklace and they just looked gorgeous?! Yes! That was the best!

Anne Hathaway at the Met Ball!
And then that time Anne Hathaway bounced back from the disaster that was her Oscars look (more on that later) by showing up to the Met Ball with this smoking hot dress with Phyllis Diller sleeves and I loved her bleached hair and everything vamptastic about this? Oh, we've had some great memories this year! My dear readers, let's hope that next year's Good pile wrap-up is more plentiful.

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