Thursday, November 1, 2012

I - wait, what!?

Who needs Sexy ___ costumes when you get home on Halloween to a package on the table and the following exchange:

ME: Oh yay! My checks are here! I don't need to give you the rent money in cash anymore!

MY ROOMMATE: Oh, that's checks? I thought maybe it was a sex toy.


Oh hey, get this! I went to a Halloween party last night that featured exactly ONE Sexy ____ costume and I'm pretty sure his Sexy Mormon was meant as a subversion. I showed up sans costume but was immediately outfitted in a riding hat, blazer, and horse competition buttons. It actually looked kind of perfect.

Other than my five minute fix thanks to the hostess and our Sexy Mormon, I saw:

Barry Gibb
a jellyfish
an Instagram (genius - it was a picture frame with pantyhose over it that she held up to her face)
rain and snow
girlfriends dressed as each other, complete with fake tattoos
TWO cosmonauts
an oldschool princess
a squirrel
an evil scientist
Facebook (complete with paper to post on the timeline and little Likes so you could paste those on too)


Now if you'll excuse me, I have some online shopping to do. I wouldn't want to ruin my cred...

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