Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Lurkey Time!

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear readers! This year I am thankful for the following:

* my supportive, fun, bizarre family

* my creative, beautiful, amazing friends

* my lovely, crazy roommate and our awesome house

* the past year of life-changing theatrical work

* the past year of steady dayjob work

* the fact the my dayjob thinks it's a good thing that I do theatre crap all the time

* new friends made

* acquaintances who became dear friends

* old friendships that have deepened all the more

* reconnecting with people I thought I had lost forever

* reconnecting with my VHS tapes

* this:

* and this:

* aaaaaaand this (behold the wonder of my friend's sense of humor):

* all of you  - for reals!

Enjoy your turkey or tofurkey or traditional Thanksgiving grilled cheese. And remember that no matter what, you WILL run into someone you haven't seen in 10 years this weekend so please be sure to wear a necklace.

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