Friday, January 13, 2012

And now, my favorite Golden Globes moment ever

There are plenty of reasons I love the Golden Globes best of all awards shows. Here they are:

* Lady stars are more willing to wear something a little off the beaten track because it's not the Oscars.

* But! Lady stars are practicing for the Oscars, so there's a hightened sense of glam.

* They serve booze to the attendees during the show. Therefore: more chance of shenanigans.

Gather round, my readers, and let me tell you a tale of my favorite GG moment of them all. It was probably booze-induced, and a camera operator probably got in trouble over it. It was definitely a rare moment of a well-behaved starlet being unfiltered. Let me set the stage. Remember when Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were married?

It was a simpler time...

...a time before Brad used a fashion cane*

Anywhoooos....Meryl Streep was called up to present an award. This was before the great Meryl Streep resurgence of Devil Wears Prada, etc. She gets up on stage and everyone is clapping, honoring the living legend among them. The camera cuts to Jen and Brad. You can't hear it, as she wasn't mic'd at the time, and the clapping would cover the sound of her voice, but you can clearly read her lips as Jennifer Anniston says, "She looks FAT." And then Brad Pitt nods at her in agreement, eyes wide and eyebrows sky high.

I laughed and laughed. The camera never once cut to Jen and Brad again that night. And that is why I love the Golden Globes.

*I know! He fell while hiking. I know. But still - seriously, that cane! I don't think he's making it work.


  1. brilliant moment.
    I have to say, my faves usually include Sharon Stone. I swear there was one year, and you may remember this better than me, that she was SO drunk and actually seemed to be hunting for the live cameras. I saw her at at least 5 different tables throughout the night, waving and self aware, though still hammered, the whole time.

  2. I still love the moment when someone won and they were in the bathroom...