Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Purchases of the damned

Halloween is the special time of year when you rationalize purchasing things you'll almost certainly never use again. For me, that purchase was super-shiny, skin-tight black leggings.


My dear readers, believe me when I say that this pains me as much as it does you. We know that leggings are not pants. But. I'm trying to be Sexy Peter Criss for a Sexy Cat Halloween party and it just won't work without the leggings as pants. Truthfully, my first idea was a unitard but then I realized that a vest and leggings with appropriate accessories would do the trick just fine. (And would save me about $20.) In the end, it's all about the makeup anyway, right?

I tried on the leggings last night at the theatre to make my colleagues laugh and received no fewer than three butt-smacks from the Ladies of Flashpoint. For a moment, I understood the attraction of wearing leggings as pants: my ass looked fantastic in these horrible things. Fantastic and shiny.

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