Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Challenge

My dear readers, we are coming up on the one year anniversary of WTS! Confetti! Balloons! Champagne! And a challenge!

Remember when we were going to compliment people on the street with rockin' style? And how it was sometimes awkward? And then, I don't know if I told you this, but I complimented one girl and it turns out I knew her and just hadn't seen her in a year or so?! Weird. Anyway, this challenge is a little closer to home.

Let's make our life about good choices.

For one week, I challenge you to actively choose things. Instead of, "Ugh, I have to get up and take a shower," try to reframe your thinking to, "I like to shower and I'm going to smell so good after I do this. I'll be ready for my day." And then (and this is the really tricky part): try to actively enjoy and be engaged in that thing you chose.

This can apply to what you're wearing, what you choose to eat, the people you choose to interact with, the activities you choose to do. I find myself being incredibly passive in so many areas of my life and feeling under obligation to do so many things that I find repetitive, boring, and NOT stimulating. Let's engage in life by making it about choice.

Special thanks to reader Mix for bringing this up at dinner last night. I'll tell you all about that dinner in the next post because OH MY GOD YOU GUYS WE ATE ALL OF THE GOOD FOOD.


  1. I am skeptical as to how I can actively engage with my shower, but for you, Meg, and for Way Too Shay, I will try.

  2. I ate an apple instead of a giant thing of fries and FELT LIKE A BADASS. <3

    Also, Jez is beating you to the halloween madness.

  3. I'm pretty grateful to be able to have a hot shower at the drop of a hat. Seriously, sometimes I get in there and remind myself that other people don't have the luxury. Huzzah for showers, and choosing to face inevitability with a positive outlook.