Saturday, March 5, 2016

Oscars 2016 Rundown: The WTF!

Welcome back, fashion fans! We are coming to the end of our Oscars coverage, which is always a little sad, but never fear! We still haven't done the SAGs! Before we get into the last of our Oscar looks, I'd like to remind you that sometimes the WTF is in a bad way and sometimes the WTF is in an awesome way. With that said, away we go!


Jared Leto!
I can't decide if I'm more offended that the detail on his smoking slippers clashes with the piping on his tux or that he wore a carnation instead of tie. Either way, I never thought I would write that sentence so there you go.

Lady Gaga!
I saw this from the side and was like OOOH YES and then I saw it from the front and I was like OH. PANTS. But it's not just pants, it's pants presented under a proscenium skirt. Quite apart from the surprise pants, she appears to be just a few seconds away from going tits ahoy.

Kevin Hart (seen here with Eniko Parrish)!
She is beyond lovely (and look - ankle straps) and he is... wearing a bedazzled tux. 

Kate Capshaw (seen here with Steven Spielberg)!
What in the name of Diane and/or Buster Keaton is going on here? And what of this look is the most WTF - is it the oversized pants? The belly bib? The unfortunate wig? Or is it the fatal combination of the three?

Pharrell (seen here with Helen Lasichanh)!
Pharrell will lower his pant length by half with each red carpet appearance. Just a few more to go until we hit the shoes! I'm guessing Helen was like, "If you're only going to show your ankles, I'm only going to show my shoulders."

Sandy Powell!
Some of us are taking the loss of David Bowie harder than others.

Jenny Beavan!

From the back? Amazingly badass!

From the front, I'm getting a strong Mad Eye Moody vibe. All in all, I'd call this one of those awesome WTF looks.

La Klum!
I cannot look at this dress without laughing. Here's my version of what happened. First there was a lot of cotton candy. Then the cotton candy formed an overly fussy mid-1970s-era gown. THEN someone got hungry and started pulling at some of the candy dress, but they only got one sleeve and a little bit of the middle. Finally, a couple of flowers were blowing in the wind and got stuck to the dress. That is the only explanation I can imagine for what is happening here.

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  1. Oh, oh heidi! You KNOW better! What would Michael or Isaac say? Did you lose a bet? I can't stop shaking my head and clicking my tongue!