Monday, June 10, 2013

Tony Awards 2013: The GOOD!

Oh how I love the Tony Awards! The singing, the dancing, the absolutely horror while watching an excerpt from Bring It On: The Musical, and how I wish I was kidding that such a thing actually exists. Now remember, our typical Tony red carpet denizens are not usually seasoned red carpet professionals so we need to cut them a bit of slack. That said, some of the fashions we saw last night are inexcusable! Let's go on with the show!


Rob McClure and Maggie Lakis!
It was absolutely thrilling to cheer for Rob last night (he's a Philly theatre kid afterall) and Maggie looked so beautiful!She looked perfect on camera. As for Rob, excellent work on the length of your hem and sleeves. Good fit to the suit. Thank god! I would have hated to slam these two.

Neil Patrick Harris (seen here with David Burtka)!
Let me be quite clear: I am not sold on the fabric of NPH's tux and I hate the color of the bowtie with a passion but it's so exquisitely cut in the vest and jacket I actually don't care about my minor quibbles. Also, David is the cutest and I love his suit.

Jane Lynch!
BLAMMO. This! Oh man, Jane Lynch, you made me so happy. You look PERFECT. Chic, sophisticated, sexy, and would you look at that necklace!? Bless.

 Bernadette Peters!
As far as Bucketmouth goes, it's fairly standard but she knows what works and she works it. Does this woman have the best surgeon in the land or does she just never age?!

Zachary Levi!
Truth: beards make dudes 80% hotter. I never really got it with this guy until I saw this and ... hello nurse! It's a damn shame he has his hands in his pockets because it makes his pants look a smidge too short. Gentlemen, learn from this! Otherwise, it's just absolutely gorgeously fit to him. Well done all around, but especially the beard.

Martha Plimpton!
This was probably my favorite dress of the night. It was sexy without being sexual, and our Martha looks great in red. I don't even want to know how much boob tape she was wearing. Well done, Martha! You've been really dressing well lately!

Andrew Rannells!
How adorable is Andrew Rannells!? Everything about his suit is perfection, to boot!

Shalita Grant!
I went back and forth on this one, but in the end I think it's a really cool dress and her makeup looks fantastic. Next time you wear this, though, Shalita, get a new bra; your boobs look weird.

Jane Krakowski!
THANK YOU. This is exactly what I've been hoping you'd wear on basically every red carpet for the last 3 years. You look perfect.

Anna Kendrick!
Straight up, absolutely nothing about this dress should work but all of it does. That is the definition of wearing the dress instead of it wearing you. I hate black and navy together! I hate sheer panels! I hate weird breast sashes! But! I looooove this on her. It does't hurt that her hair and makeup are flawless.

Rita Wilson (seen here with OMG DID YOU SEE TOM HANKS' MUSTACHE)!
Remember how beards are +80% hotness? The same does not go for the solitary mustache. At least not on Tom Hanks. It's just not... lush. A mustache wants to be lush. But enough about Hanks and his unfortunate role requirements...Rita looks probably the best I have EVER seen her on the red carpet. The color is divine, the silhouette is sophisticated and the styling is age appropriate without being overly mature. Rita, please keep up the good work! Tom, please shave upon closing of your show.

Cyndi Lauper!
To borrow a phrase from my favorite fashion bloggers, Tom and Lorenzo, I only have four words to say:


The bright red faux-hawk, the black lace capris with matching capelet, the classic eyebrows - this is how Cyndi Lauper does awards chic and stays completely genuine and true to herself.


  1. zachary levi is my fave! and damn if he isn't a double breasted clone of his 2012 golden globes self:

  2. Bernadette Peters is 64! I repeat...64! How in the name of all that is holee is that possible?