Monday, May 6, 2013

Derby is an old english word meaning "What is on your head!?"

My dear readers, ask and ye shall receive! Let's look at DERBY HATS!

The Good!

I love Coco Rocha's hat so much! It's fabulous, whimsical, fancytime, and tall.

Love the shape, love the peachy pink, love the cocktail accessory.

Jennifer Tilly is killing it with My Fair Lady realness.

This is the hat version of a Sexy Bee costume and I love it.


Sorry, LC, that is not a derby hat, that is a wad of used tissues on your head.

 Not a derby hat. Far too casual and inappropriate for the event.


This is exactly what I want out of my derby hats: plastic flamingos wearing their own hats. Because they know what's up.

Gigantic flower right in the middle of your face with feathers that obscure your view of the race? Perfect.

There is a head on her head and it is wearing sunglasses. Genius usually doesn't come in polka dots, but it did today.

Sometimes you glue some My Little Ponys onto a hat.

Form AND function. Bravo, gentlemen.

I'm thinking the black tuxedo shorts with brown sandals really makes the look. You agree, right?

When in doubt, a terrifyingly gigantic flower will do the trick. Kudos for the mossy green accent to balance it out.

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