Monday, August 6, 2012

In loving memory of Clint the fish

My dear, sweet, darling fish died yesterday. I was far more attached to Clint than I ever meant to be and loved him way more than I'd expect anyone to love a pet they couldn't cuddle.

Clint was one of four fish purchased for Flashpoint's production of Boom back 3 years or so ago. We only needed one or two fish onstage but figured they'd all die. We named them like hurricanes, so he was originally called Armando. To our amazement, Clint   Armando did every performance. He was a born star - swimming front and center in the tank as soon as the characters started talking about him.

you can't really see him, but he's there

After the show ended, someone needed to adopt the fish. Without really consulting the person I was living with, I volunteered. I figured, How long can a fish live, really? Turns out the answer is: a long freaking time.

Clint had to be carefully moved from the theatre to the apartment. Not long thereafter, he had to be moved to the new house my ex bought. Not terribly long thereafter, he had to be moved to my temporary residence at my best friend's house. About a month later, he had to be moved to my new place where he eventually shuffled off this mortal coil. My amazing sister was very patient about moving Clint every time. She dealt with gross aquarium water sloshing around the back and front of her car. She drove very slowly because I was freaking out about Clint being okay. On the way to the latest home, we decided to stop for some McDonalds. It was November, so Clint had to come in with us lest he get too cold in the car.

He reaaaaaaaaaally did not enjoy this. Maybe it was the Filet O'Fish or the florescent lighting but he just really hated it and started ramming against the side of his transport device. It was not the most fun moment of my life.

Clint was part of two of my solo shows at home, though he didn't have any cues to learn for either of them. He was just there to add to the ambiance. He loved the rock in his tank. He loved to jump. He was enormous and hearty. He will be sorely missed.

glub glub, buddy.

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