Monday, July 23, 2012

This is about food, not sad and scary world events

Oh my god, you guys: the summer of lard has reared its ugly head. One of my dearest friends of all time, Mr. Mike, was visiting Philly this weekend and we decided that we'd do our best to pump as much fat and sugar into our systems as possible to celebrate.

Friday Night: epic happy hour at Farmicia + dinner at National Mechanics
Lessons Learned: Um, Pimms Cup is delicious? Who knew?
Unfortunate Event: I may or may not have flashed my bra but NO ONE WAS LOOKING except my friends.

Saturday Morning/Afternoon: Federal Donuts fried chicken + donuts. All the donuts. All the fried chicken.
Lessons Learned: That shit is delicious, y'all. Za'atar rub for the win.
Unfortunate Event: We ate all of the fried chicken and all of the donuts and then were full for the rest of the day into the night.

abandon all waistlines, ye who enter here
(photo by Sara)

Saturday Night: Gianfranco's pizza, a lovely green salad, Doritos, pretzels, beer, wine, jello shots ('cause we're all in our 30s now?), homemade pickles, and fresh cherry tomatoes
Lessons Learned: It's possible to snarf a jello shot and have it spray all over the walls. I didn't snarf it, I just cleaned it up.
Unfortunate Event: Polishing off the bag of Doritos between 3 people before anyone else showed up.

Sunday Afternoon: Backyard cookout with hand-formed burgers and homemade tomato jam, ballpark franks, cucumber tomato salad, Suddenly Salad (my favorite food from a box), homemade salsa, hummus and veggies, white sangria. AND THEN MIKE MADE THESE AMAZING TRIPLE CITRUS CUPCAKES THAT WERE AMAZING.
Lessons Learned: Apparently, it was possible for us to continue eating.
Unfortunate Event: Serious gas.

Sunday Evening: Rita's Water Ice
Lessons Learned: Sometimes you just want soft serve and that is okay.
Unfortunate Event: Soft serve for dinner to cap off a truly disgusting delicious weekend of eating.

Mike's on his way back to Chicago today and I will miss him for sure. So far today I have had a cup of coffee this morning and a big salad for lunch. And I went to pilates class. And I'm making salsa chicken in the crock pot for dinner. Back on track!

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