Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things that go through your brain when you are super tired

* I prefer wearing underwear to going commando.

* Why is 7:30 an acceptable bedtime for children but not adults?

* If I go to bed when I get home will it be a nap or a bedtime?

* How did I used to function on 4 hours of sleep a night? Does 10 years really make that much of a difference?

* What is up with jeans suits!? First Timberlake, now Pacey?

* And a v-neck under it?! Diane must want to kill him.

* I wonder if I'll ever be the kind of woman who could tactfully make a man change out of a bad outfit and into a good one. I've never successfully done that.

* I could never do that no shampooing thing.

* I love ice water.

* Does anyone but me know that my legs are in severe need of a shave?

* I wonder if going to happy hour will make me violate bar rule #1 or if it will just make the day better.

* Can I leave now?


  1. Jean suits (aka Canadian Tuxedo): They were featured in a recent issue of Details, so take that for what it's worth. Also: I still read Details.

  2. Let me address your concerns in order:
    1. Ditto.
    2. I see no problem with a 7:30 bedtime. Often, I am asleep on the couch at this time.
    3. Nap if you wake up and go back to sleep. Bedtime if you wake up the next morning.
    4. Yes, ten years DOES make that much of a difference. But I would like to add that I NEVER functioned on four hours of sleep. Ever.
    5. Maybe it's a joke. Look at his face.
    6. Of course she does. Look at her face.
    7. With the right man, you don't have to. (And I've only accomplished this with my father and his polyester pants from the 60s. Yes, they are older than I.)
    8. I shampoo daily. You'll have to pry the bottle from my cold, dead hands.
    9. Ditto. (This also means "I love you.")
    10. Hells no, and why should anyone care? Be lazy, stubbly, and enjoy it.
    11. How could this not make your day better?
    12. You have my permission to leave at any time. Tell anyone I said so.