Thursday, September 29, 2016

Emmys 2016 Red Carpet Rundown: The Good!

My dear readers, I thank you for your patience waiting for the Emmys rundown while I was on vacation. We have SO MUCH TO COVER so we're going to jump right into it. There are twists and turns and thrills and spills and a few surprises! Two things before we begin: 1) a reminder that I grade on a curve here at WTS and 2) our first twist: this first category includes some kids! As you may know, I am hesitant to include children on WTS so the rule is I only ever include them if they are in the Good pile. And boy howdy, are these kids awesome. Let's start with them, shall we?


The Stranger Things Kiddos!
I do not watch this show because it is clearly too scary for me, but these kids could not be more perfect. They definitely put a whole bunch of the adult actors to shame on the red carpet!

Yara Shahidi!
Now, Black-ish I do watch (and love). I was not this fabulous when I was a teenager, nor this confident. Loving this look.

Holly Taylor!
Absolutely stunning. Great fit, perfect styling.

Maisie Williams!
One of my favorite looks of the night. This kid knows how to turn it out. She's young enough to pull off this grandma applique and is absolutely working the dress length with those fabulous shoes. 

Sarah Paulson!
I can hardly believe I'm saying this but Sarah Paulson showed up in something I didn't absolutely hate! In fact... I think I really like it! Loving her head  - the hair, the makeup, the blonde, the earrings, YES.

Kathy Bates!
Love love love. Beautiful and elegant!

Laverne Cox!
 One of her best looks to date. This is a classic dress-as-the-award look and it is beyond stunning. 

Rami Malek!
Have we considered Rami Malek for the next James Bond? If not, WHY NOT. LOOK AT THIS MAGNIFICENT MAN.

Judith Light!
Someone explain to me how Judith Light has her phasers set to SLAY while wearing a hotel duvet cover? It makes no sense but I will buy what she is selling.

Aimee Teegarden!
She's doing Taylor Swift better than even Taylor Swift is these days. Very sleek and chic.

Maura Tierney!
I'm extremely impressed by how well she is pulling off this twee design and this dress length. More importantly, though, have we ever seen Maura Tierney in a room with Jenna Fischer?

Viola Davis!
Flawless! Color, length, design, styling, hair, makeup... this is a master class in red carpet wow.

Tom Hiddleston!
Everything seems to be in order here. 

Tatiana Maslany!
I am EXTREMELY impressed: this is the first time I've ever seen illusion netting that actually creates an illusion. Brava, Tatiana!

Julie Bowen!
Julie is one who tends to get it wrong on the red carpet but this year she killed it and I think it's the hair. The dress is pretty and fits her well but it's nothing terribly exciting. The styling is appropriate but not groundbreaking. But this hair! This blonde bombshell mid-60s just-got-laid-in-the-limo hair! I AM SO HERE FOR IT. 

Abigail Spencer!
I swear to God I had this dress for my Barbie. I'm definitely digging the late 70's disco starlet look.

Allison Janney!
YOWZA!!!!!! I'll take 5. 

Kit Harrington!
Elegant tux, excellent fit.

Margo Martindale!
I love this. She looks gorgeous.

Tina Fey!
This is the Tina Fey I've been waiting for. This Tina Fey appears relaxed and effortlessly glam. Well done!

Lily Tomlin!
I mean, this is the most Lily Tomlin dress but she pulls it off without a hitch. Everything is on point here. Love a good coat dress.

Terrence Howard (seen here with Mira Pak)!
FABULOUS. This is a gorgeous tux.

Constance Wu!
Another fantastic disco diva look, this one more firmly in the Studio 54 genre. Loving it.

Kate McKinnon!
I'll forever be a little disappointed when Kate McKinnon shows up dressed as anything other than Holtmann, but this is adorable and she looks great.

Kristen Bell!
Hands-down my favorite dress of the night. There are so many ways this could have gone wrong and yet it's just right.

Niecy Nash!
BAM! You want va-va-voom Hollywood showstopper? HERE SHE IS. I think this look could use a necklace but not anything too huge; just a little ice on the collarbone. That's such a small quibble, though, because she looks incredible. You know what? This is a Full Tonga!


  1. We in the costume shop spent all morning trying to figure out the construction of Tatiana's dress. We kinda figured it out but it took a while, and we're professionals. ;) That is one of my favorite looks of the night!

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