Monday, July 15, 2013

I want you to experience this with me.

I am not the type of person who relishes the idea of going on vacation alone. When I have vacationed alone, I have gone to visit out of town friends. I consider an unshared experience a lesser experience. I prefer to see movies and plays with people so we can talk about it after the lights come up. I like the idea of book clubs so that when I finish, say, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, I have other people who know exactly how wonderful Mindy Kaling is.

And so, my dear readers, I give you the following recommendations with my full heart, hoping that you have already experienced the wonders of these things and can gush with me.

I guess the other thing I should tell you is that I get nervous about watching movies I haven't already seen because my brain works this way: if I don't like it, I will have wasted my time watching it. Some would argue that by rewatching movies a million times I'm wasting my time in a much more despicable way. I counter that at least I know I will have an enjoyable couple of hours. Potayto Potahto.  Because of this I am usually about 6 months or so behind pop culture. I know I am behind on Looper but now it's all I can talk about. Absolutely well done, fun, exciting, awesome. Have you seen Looper? Let's email about it and talk about time travel and how improbable it is that Bruce Willis is still a stone cold fox.

Three Things You Should Know About Peggy Paula by Lindsay Hunter
Go read this now. Just go. It's so so so wonderful. Did you finish reading it? Okay, let's go get some iced tea and talk about writers who make you hold your breath and how sometimes a short little snapshot of a piece can make you feel like sunlight is pouring out of your fingertips.

I've been pushing this fairly inexpensive red wine on friends ever since my friend Candace (who lives a double life as a wine snob and a pin up goddess) recommended it to me for my 30th birthday. Now I'm pushing it on you. The label is pretty, the wine is tasty, the price is right. Do you want to have some wine?  I'll be there. Just let me know. We can talk about Looper and how I never recognize Emily Blunt in any movie ever.

Water with fruit in it
Dudes. My roommate makes raspberry lime water. It's heaven. And pink. Pink heaven. I die. Want to come over and hang out with me and Liz and drink water? She's a delightful person and I will try to make you laugh.

Okay, now it's your turn to sell me on something you love and want to talk about. Go!


  1. Medjool dates. It's like Nature said "Raisins? Pffft. Let me raise my game." then created MANNA FROM FUCKING HEAVEN.

  2. Aw, dude. Thanks for the recommendation — that "Peggy Paula" story was GOOD. Off to find more of Lindsay Hunter's stuff ...

  3. I love, which makes you feel like you're always in a book club, and lets you talk about what you're reading even if no one is listening.

  4. I have been buying Leininkugel Lemonberry Shandy by the case, and I think you should too.
    Its a fruity beer, yes, but it is delicious. I know others like the regular Leininkugel Summer Shandy, but it is a bitter bitter pill compared to the Lemonberry Shandy.