Monday, March 4, 2013

Oscars 2013: The WTF!

I have a bit of conundrum here, my dear readers. I actually have a WTF that is a FABULOUS gown that looks AMAZING on the star but still makes me say WTF?! Let's start there, shall we?


Naomi Watts!
Let's be real: she looks amazing and this dress is pretty damn fabulous. But... what in the world is happening on the left side of her chest!? And why?! Oh, Naomi. I'll never understand but you just keep doing you. You look fantastic.

Kristen Stewart!
Kristen Stewart is a) clearly very high, b) wearing a dress that doesn't fit her, and c) afraid of brushes. I simply cannot tolerate an inch of what is happening here. The Dark Shadows makeup, the bedhead, the exploding lace gown that is far too big... it's all one big WTF.

Marcia Gay Harden!
And with those sleeves Marcia Gay Harden entered her aging drag queen years. (Look, the cut of the bust and the choice of material don't help either.)

Barbra Streisand!
Long witchy sleeves, poker straight hair, goth choker, off-the-shoulder gauzy dress, far too many necklaces... I mean, she's a tambourine away from a Stevie Nicks costume, right?

Brandi Glanville!
How - why -- gravity - decency - I, but--


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  1. Kristen's dress looks like it is facing one direction while she is trying to turn another way. Very poor fit and the rest of her is atrocious too.

    The fact that Brandi designed that gown herself....well it shows. In fact, it shows almost all of her. Though she said it wasn't finished a few days before and she was getting nervous. I would argue that it STILL isn't finished, dearie.

    ~ Jenny Lovelace