Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ode to Stacy and Clinton

It was announced yesterday that What Not To Wear is coming to an end. While it's true that I didn't actually know it was still on the air, the news saddens me a bit because I owe Stacy and Clinton a lot. Because of their guidance I can go about my life adding in a pop of color and only buying sweaters and shirts that hit me in the sweet spot right at the bottom of my hips. Also because of them, I know that wearing a fitted jacket helps hide my tummy because the jacket does the work for you. And that A-line skirts flair at the bottom, balancing my hips and thighs. And that for short, curvy girls like me, a skirt should hit above the knees. And that classics never die, which is why I will pretty much never ever get rid of my pencil skirt.

But most of all, I honestly thank Stacy and Clinton for the aha moment of many years ago when it finally got into my head that the clothes you wear send a signal about how you feel about yourself. Do I still leave the house in grubby sneakers and a gross hoodie? Yes, sometimes - but at least I'm actively choosing that now.


  1. Oh Stacey and Clinton.... I've always loved how they dont change the persons style entirely, just help them update it. Also, the self esteem lessons they imparted were amazing. That show always seemed to be about more than clothes and makeup. I'll miss them.....

  2. I agree Gina-they really do work from the outside in.

  3. I love Stacy and Clinton. I see them as modern Fairy Godmothers.