Friday, June 1, 2012

Theatre Nerds Activate! Form Of: LES MIZ

Let's talk about Spotify for a moment, shall we? It's awesome but I have this eensie problem that it automatically broadcasts what songs I choose to hear on Facebook. Not that I actually have any streetcred, but I feel like I can't really listen to thing that's been banging around in my head all week because it's so so nerdy. A friend advised me last night that I could probably "make it cool" by "owning it" but I don't know about that. Because seriously, you guys? I just want to listen to the original cast recording of Les Miserables. You know why, right?


Let me dispense with pretense - I watched the trailer and instantly tapped into my inner 13 year old. Oh man, I cannot wait to see this movie! Okay, fine, I have serious reservations about Russell Crowe as Javert and I'm not totally buying Anne Hathaway's dirty whore makeup in the trailer and who the hell is Samantha Banks and all that...BUT. But it's Les Miz and it's Hugh Jackman, which gives me hope, and it's going to be beautifully produced. That's a good thing.

I saw Les Miserables a few times as a teenager (you know, before I got into straight plays and started pretending that I had no love for musicals). The second time I saw it, I cried so hard when [SPOILER ALERT] Eponine dies that I shook the three rows of seats around me. My parents were very embarrassed*. Later, I saw it again on a high school language classes trip where I did not realize my friend didn't know what happened in the second act and made a comment at intermission along the lines of, "I'd better get some tissues or Eponine's going to drown in my tears instead of getting shot." He looked at me horrified and said, "Eponine dies?!" I think I replied, "What? Nooooooo of course not." At the fateful moment he turned around in his seat and glared at me. Sorry, Colin, sometimes life isn't fair. (Also, sometimes I am a jerk who spoils plot points.)

So, those of you like me - what do you think of the trailer? Looks good? Looks crappy? Can we safely bet that some younger Fanning sister will be young Cosette? Are you also dreading having to hear stupid "Castle On A Cloud" for the millionth time? Why does that song suck so much when the rest of the music is so beautiful? Will the frontman of 30 Odd Foot of Grunt or whatever it's called be able to handle "Stars"? Can Hugh Jackman really hit the notes in "Bring Him Home"? Do we think Karen Smith, boob-based weather reporter, can sell "A Heart Full of Love"? There's only one thing I know for sure - I'm bringing tissues.

*Note: I have not stopped embarrassing my parents, even in my 30s. My dad picked me up from the PATCO station the other day to take me to the dentist and was horrified that as he pulled up I was standing just outside the station brushing my teeth. WHAT!? I can't go to the dentist without having brushed immediately beforehand.


  1. So let me just CAPSLOCK all over this thing because I almost effin cried over the trailer: I LOVE THIS MUSICAL. I wore out the CD. I know all the damn words. I get ruined when I hear certain pieces of music from it.

    Jackman will kill it and he will hit those notes and I will cry.

    Russell Crowe sure looks like a good Javert, but if he messes up "Stars" I will rampage.

    Key point that was missed above: THE THENARDIERS ARE SACHA BARON COHEN AND HELENA BONHAM CARTER. I cannot CAPS this hard enough.

    Also, can you imagine Lea Michelle or Taylor Swift or ScarJo in the role of Eponine?

    Castle on a Cloud does suck out loud, I agree.

  2. Samantha Barks did Eponine for the anniversary special if you saw that on PBS.
    I hate Castle on a Cloud.
    I will watch anything in which Helena Bonham Carter is Madame Thenardier.

  3. A few friends bumped into Hugh when he was rehearsing for this months ago at NOLA studios in NY... rumor has it, he's got the high notes. And apparently a ton of support for young opera singers.

  4. According to some friends, Hugh was practicing for this months ago at NOLA Studios in NY. Survey says, he's got the high notes. And is also apparently extremely supportive of young opera singers.