Monday, December 31, 2012

Ring out this year with insane celebrities!

My dear readers, before the end of 2012 I really must bring to your attention this set of photos from early in December. To quote Reader Katya (who was kind enough to show me these), "what on God's green earth is wrong with Demi Moore?"

I present to you: Demi Moore Has Lost Her Damn Mind.

Figure 1: our subject is surprised by the photographer. Luckily she is wearing a romper so short the world is her gynecologist.

Figure 2: In a room full of laughing people our subject dances while Lenny Kravitz looks on stoically.

Figure 3: Our subject continues to dance while Lenny Kravitz wishes he was anywhere but on this couch.

Figure 4: Our subject is STILL wearing that red string and Lenny Kravitz is STILL trying to figure out how he ended up in this mess.

Figure 5: Our subject makes faces for the camera while Lenny Kravitz wears the international expression for "Dear God, please make it stop."

To Lenny Kravitz, I have only this to say: you cannot get all holier-than-thou when you wear a blanket as a scarf.

Happy New Year, WTS Nation!

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