Monday, October 22, 2012


Apologies for the hiatus, my dear readers. I had the good fortune to go to Chicago with my dear girl Mix for a milestone birthday celebration and then just sort of got swallowed up by work. While we were in Chicago we ate alllllllllll the brunches, ate a lot of pizza, and beered all the beers. I'll tell you a few good food and drink stories tomorrow (Goose Island, Girl and the Goat, and the bar where 13 year old boys are in heaven).

But today I need to tell you that I believe I may have created a monster.

Tonight the Philadelphia theatre community will celebrate last season's achievements and accomplishments and a couple of awards worth thousands of dollars (seriously) will be given. In past years, this was a huge awards ceremony and everyone dressed to the nines, causing some to call it Theatre Prom. This year some changes have been made and it's a truncated sort of celebration, though still just as lovely (we are promised). But here's the thing: dress code was said to be... business casual.

Anyway, I'm not doing that. I wear business casual every day and I will be damned if I wear work clothes to Theatre Prom. This decision means a couple of things to my life:

1. I had nightmares all night that no one else dressed up and I looked stupid.

2. I have necklace anxiety.

The first issue is easily resolved. I clearly remember going to a birthday party when I was in high school where I was way, way overdressed and felt kind of dumb but just went with it and pretended I didn't care even though I was willing myself to die of shame. AS IT TURNS OUT, I did not die of embarrassment that night. I therefore deduce that I will probably not die of embarrassment at any point in my life, so I may as well look fly. 

The second issue is the monster I have created. Every single person (mostly women, admittedly) I've spoken with about this event has said something about me wearing a necklace. Every. Single. Person.

Now. Let's be clear: I am so glad that people read this silly little blog! I am glad you have taken up the CUAN rally cry! Thank you! This feels good! However. I am now crippled by necklace anxiety to the point of having nightmares about it. I am serious, it's that sad.

The good news is, this is a dress that leaves a lot of real estate open for necklace-wearing. The bad news is I have no idea which necklace to wear, so I borrowed jewelry and I'm going to have a consultant (friend drinking wine in my room with me) help me decide.

So, my dear readers, if you too are going to Theatre Prom tonight, I promise you that I will be wearing a necklace. You tell me if it's the right one. I'd hate to let you down.

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  1. I hope that the solution you chose was to bring four necklaces and rotate them for the pre-mingling, ceremony, reception, and then Quig's After-Party.

    Necklace or no necklace though, we all know you'll look beautiful tonight!