Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Things I Learned About Marriage From My Parents

My dear readers, today is a special day. Today is my parents' anniversary AND my dad's birthday! If you know me (and if you're reading this, hahaha of course you know me), you know that my family is tremendously important to me and I love them fiercely. And you know that my dad looks great in a hat.

Dad's number one rule about birthdays is that it is always good to have a birthday. "Another day sucking air," as he is known to say, is a very good thing. Tonight, we sushi to celebrate. (Sorry fishes but we are glad you are no longer sucking air... water... whatever. You are delicious.)

Now, I've never been married but I think I have a pretty good pair of role models. Here are a few things I've observed from them.

10. Clearly delineated ownership of tasks makes things a little easier. Example: your daughters do most of the cleaning in preparation for a party so you can make the food and freak out. (Just kidding, Mom  - don't get mad!)

9. When attending or throwing a party, divide and conquer. Social butterflies are not attached at the hip.

8. Be proud of each other, even for small stuff.

7. When raising kids, be a unified front of discipline - none of this "wait until your father gets home" crap. Children should be equally terrified of pissing off either parent.

6. When raising kids, be a unified front of love and support. Children should work hard to impress both parent with their wit, knowledge, and skill.

5. Human contact is required every day - hugs, kisses, little touches - otherwise you go insane.

4. "In sickness and in health" doesn't just mean the two of you - it extends to family and friends and pets. Taking care of a partner's sick parent is, to me, the truest and most grueling expression of love.

3. Sometimes you make each other absolutely insane. Sometimes you make each other laugh until you cry or pee your pants. Ebb and flow is a good thing.

2. Quiet alone time is golden.

1. Appreciate how short life is and never assume that your partner knows you love them. Say "I love you" every day. As much as possible, really.

it's safe to say I got my love of necklaces from my mom

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