Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentimes Day

Tomorrow, as you may know, is Valentine's Day. Or, if you live in Philadelphia like I do, Valentimes. It's that special time of year where people are forced to express feelings, be they love, anger, or desperation. It's practically required that one either prances happily through a forest of overpriced flowers or scowls angrily at those prancing through said forest.

Me? I could not possibly care less.

I tried to care about Valentine's Day for a long time because I thought that's what we had to do. I bought stupid gifts for people I was seeing; I scowled at people carrying flowers and balloons when I was unattached. But, you guys, I am epically bad at Valentine's Day. For example, a gift I once gave an ex (obvs while we were dating) on Valentine's Day? Napoleon Dynamite. ON VHS. Oy.

I just don't like it. So I am not doing it. No flowers, no candy, no cards, no stupid stuffed animals holding hearts that say "I love you beary much" or whatever. It's Tuesday and that's awesome. I like Tuesdays, always have. I will give YOU, my dear readers, a present: I'm finally going to put up my SAG fashion recap. I love you. You're welcome.

I've never had a problem loving people and I've never had a problem expressing that love. I try fairly hard to make sure my friends, lovers, family know how much I appreciate them. It's definitely worth it! You get so much back by radiating affection on the people you love. It often bounces off of them and right back onto you. That's just the simple truth of it.

And so, on this week's Tuesday, I encourage you let those people know you care about them. I like the way your laugh sounds when you can't catch your breath. It makes me feel good when you do your hair the way I taught you. I like it when you're silly, running around saying, "I'm a dead platypus!" I like the way you still care for me when I need it, even though I'm no longer a little girl. I like the way you are unafraid of your emotions and can burst into a room and into tears without a second thought. I like your constant enthusiasm about life. I like that cardigan you were wearing on Friday night and the way your hands feel in my hair. I like how you can change in an instant between bizarre and serious. I like the way you make me feel like I can accomplish anything.

It means a lot more that this shit...

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