Friday, April 13, 2012

Work hard and wear tons of eyeliner.

I have always been a busy person, my dear readers. Back in high school, I tried to be in all the clubs, do the school play, do a community theatre play, and keep up with some honors classes. That was insane. These days, I work an increasingly-demanding "day career," work with the theatre company I co-founded, maintain a romantic relationship, and try to be a good friend and daughter. Turns out that all takes a bunch of time. I'm exhausted. I am constantly on the lookout for relaxation techniques, calming lotions and sounds, drinking tea called Tension Tamer (alternated with Energy Boost - but Tension Tamer tastes better), and taking little mind breaks.

Over the past few weeks, I find myself actually making time to put on makeup and think about clothes. Why? What is going on? Why in the world is that what I'm concerned about right now when I have important deadlines and big things that have to get crossed off big to-do lists? And then my friend D forwarded along this poem from

This poem will not endear me to Margaret Atwood
I know I should be more discerning
but I want to believe their glossy promises

serums that vow to smooth my hair
chia seeds as good as a nap
the buckwheat pillow that changed that woman’s life
and even though I can’t remember how
and it weighs a ton
I feel good every time I lay down
imagining all the various forms of betterment
ticking away inside me as I sleep.

I know I should be suspicious
roll my eyes
say smart things about not falling prey
say something Margaret Atwood would applaud
in that gravelly voice of hers
that sounds wise and tired at the same time

but as the world thumps onward
festering with problems
sometimes it’s a relief
to focus on your pores.

EXACTLY. YES. This is what I wanted to say! Life is really crazy and busy and there's a lot going on and sometimes it's helpful to just think about frivolity. And watch cat videos on the internet.

Last night my friend texted me encouragement that I'd handled a tricky meeting well and that the tasks of the next week would go well. This morning I briefly saw an acquaintance on the bus who told me I looked pretty. I guess if we keep working hard and keep putting on makeup, everything will turn out fine.

But if all else fails, here's a cat video.

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  1. The older I get, the more I realize that taking time to be with your pores is much less a frivolity than an excuse to have time only for yourself, all to yourself, because nobody else gives a fuck about your pores.

    Sometimes in times of stress I spend time with my pores instead of calling my friends back.